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  • How do I monitor an Oracle database server?
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How do I monitor an Oracle database server?


You can monitor an Oracle Installation from our Monitor server if you install Oracle Instant Client and use the plugin is designed in co-operation with an Oracle DBA and focuses on automating common DBA-tasks. depends on Oracle Instant Client and a user with sufficient access to the databases you want to monitor. The plugin can monitor:

- database availability (tnsping)

- login or dummy login

- cache hit ratio

- tablespace usage

- datafile usage

- total number of datafiles

- available extents per table or tablespace

- log archiving enabled or not

- backupmode

- user defined query, match for string or numeric value - locks

- broken transactions

- failed transactions

- transactions in the deferred error queue

- invalid transactions

The plugin supports placing authentication credentials in an auth-file and can handle hostname as input instead of using a .ora-file for SID-lookups. Further information is available in our how-to "check_oracle with Oracle Instant Client".