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What is a management pack?

In op5 Monitor 6.2 we introduced Management Packs. A management pack is a set of services that resides on a certain hostgroup. This will enable you or the system-administrator to tailor his/her own management pack, save it and make it available through an easy to use wizard for the rest of the organization. This will greatly reduce the complexity, time effort and level of expertise needed to deploy monitoring throughout the entire organization. It will also reduce the security risk by making sure the checks are configured correctly from the start. 

Management pack provides the possibility to define which check commands and thresholds should be used to monitor a certain device. If changes are made to the management pack, the monitoring of the devices using the management pack will change automatically. It saves time and uses the knowledge collected within your organization.



Bonus for Managed Service Providers

If you are a Managed Service Provider you can create your own Management Packs and make them available for your external customers. You can export or import management-packs to the system with ease. If you want to make a generic change to for example all MS SQL servers, just change within the management pack and it will automatically distribute the new settings to all who are using that management pack.





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