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Once you have submitted your pull request or email, the pull request will enter our internal verification process, where we might check the format of the code, the amount of testing needed, etc. After this process is done, you will be notified in the same place that you sent your patches.


Hints when writing commits

  • Make commits of logical units
  • Check for unnecessary whitespace with "git diff --check" before committing
  • Do not check in commented out code or unneeded files
  • Provide a meaningful commit message
  • The first line of the commit message should be a short description and should skip the full stop
  • if you want your work included upstream, add a "Signed-off-by: Your Name <>" line to the commit message (or just use the option "-s" when committing) to confirm that you agree to the Developer's Certificate of Origin
  • Make sure that you have tests for the bug you are fixing
  • Make sure that the test suite passes after your commit

Pull requests

A pull request should preferably contain tests, we don't merge anything that isn't tested. If tests aren't included or the pull request causes build fails we will create internal tickets to troubleshoot and/or add tests and take it into consideration in the upcoming sprint review(s).

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