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Dear OP5Live users,

With increasing complexity and continuous change becoming the new normal, IT departments can’t afford to manage their applications and services with outdated tools. We believe OP5Live no longer provides the functionality needed for today's IT needs. Our customers are very important to us and making sure we provide you with the best monitoring tools available in today's market we would like to introduce you to the ITRS Synthetic Monitoring Solution ITRS Synthetic Monitoring provides organisations with the ability to monitor websites, applications and APIs delivering teams the visibility into the performance and availability of their most critical systems. By ensuring your applications are always up and running smoothly, your teams can mitigate risk while ensuring an optimal user experience.

We will end OP5Live services on July 18th, 2019As we move toward the shutdown of OP5Live, we will not be accepting general orders for it. You can use OP5Live until this date, but after this the product will no longer be available to you. All subscriptions will automatically stop.

If your OP5Live contract is up for renewal in a few months, before the end-of-service date, we can work with you individually on a short-term renewal that ends on/before the shutdown of OP5Live. Effective immediately, we will not be selling this service to new customers.

For the always-on enterprise the replacement for OP5Live is ITRS Synthetic Monitoring. For more information and pricing please contact us at

Note: OP5 is part of ITRS Group. Read more here.  

Thank you,

ITRS Group

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