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We have released OP5 Monitor 7.3.2. This release includes new features and fixes for bugs discovered in OP5 Monitor 7.3.1. 

Product: OP5 Monitor
Release Number: 7.3.2
Release Date: November 15, 2016
Release Type: Micro
Previous Release: 7.3.1

What’s new

  • Added support for viewing graphs with metrics/perfdata where optional values where not supplied
  • Notifications are no longer sent to pollers that doesn't handle the object being notified. This prevents an information leak.
  • Host and service notes are now displayed on the status information page
  • Stopped using calls to livestatus via explicit python2.6 - modification necessary to make it possible to run Monitor on EL7
  • Added screenshots for Ninja's README at Github
  • Fixed a corner case in check_snmpif which could result in huge values when the time difference was wrong
  • Nagios event broker events are now triggered on all external commands. This is necessary for Merlin to be able to block external commands from being executed at all.
  • Reinforced permissions set for database.php
  • Added new permission to view all traps, improving subservice listing performance for Trapper
  • Added a workaround in check_by_snmp_disk_io to handle a bug in a third party device. The tested device have not implemented the OID in a correct way since it has skipped to include the load average OIDs. With the workaround, we are able to read the disk io anyway.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the Big number widget to not refresh even if a refresh rate was set
  • Fixed a regression that prevented notifications from being propagated correctly to other nodes
  • Made the Merlin daemon start automatically on EL7
  • The node split function now strips whitespace from entries in the hostgroup list, which allows for more intuitive configuration syntax.
  • Updated the classic skin. The new version fixes a rendering bug in the header, makes the font size in listviews slightly larger in list views, and increases the contrast in the status information view.
  • The configuration tool now protects the service templates "bizproc_service" and "bizproc_pas" from being deleted. These templates are used by Business Service Management and if they are deleted BSM is unable to create objects "as a service at".

We have made a beta-version of OP5 Monitor for RHEL/CentOS 7 available as a virtual machine image, to give our customers a chance to test their own configuration and integrations as soon as possible and report any local problems found. More information is available in this howto. To update the existing beta-version, just run yum update.

How to upgrade

Click the update notification in the OP5 Monitor web interface, use yum update on the command line or download the latest tarball for offline installation.


If you have any questions surrounding this micro release, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us.

Try OP5 Monitor Enterprise+

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