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Product: OP5 Monitor
Release Number: 7.3.11
Release Date: May 2, 2017
Release Type: Micro
Previous Release: 7.3.10

What’s new

  • Removed unnecessary configuration verification step in distributed/redundant environments. This speeds up deployment of configuration changes.

  • A spelling error was fixed on the welcome screen of our appliance server.

  • Removed references to unused javascript files.

  • Fixed a problem with the month drop-down box when using custom reporting periods. This problem was introduced in OP5 Monitor 7.3.9.

  • Added SNMP configuration for OP5 Monitor servers, preparing for improved self-monitoring.

  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to delete, rename and create new dashboards.

  • Updated Naemon start script to detect if daemonization failes and exist with a non-zero return value if such problem is detected.

  • Updated smstools to the latest current version 3.1.19. This fixes a problem which could cause remarkable delays on large servers when smsd was running as root, due to use of fsync() instead of sync().

  • Added dependency on Net::SSL for the check_vmware_api plugin. This forces LWP to use Net::SSL for handling SSL connections and fixes an issue with newer versions of LWP that caused a deprecation warning.

  • Fixed a problem that caused action links from the host group view to result in Fatal error: Call to undefined method HostGroup_Model::get_icon_image

  • Updated references to OP5 Support from using email to the OP5 Support portal:

  • Fixed a problem that led to "Fatal error: Call to a member function get_program_start() on a non-object" if an user did not have sufficient permissions to view the Performance Information page.

  • Fixed an issue which caused 404 error pages within OP5 Monitor to not show the OP5 Monitor menu bar.

  • Added support for collecting core dumps with Abrt (Automatic bug detection and reporting tool). Abrt is a set of tools to help users detect and report application crashes.

  • Fixed an access control issue which did not limit access to performance information properly.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a stack trace to be displayed when trying to view a map without specifying which map to view.

How to upgrade

Click the update notification in the OP5 Monitor web interface, use yum update on the command line or download the latest tarball for offline installation.


If you have any questions surrounding this micro release, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us.

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