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Product: OP5 Monitor
Release Number: 7.3.10
Release Date: April 4, 2017
Release Type: Micro
Previous Release: 7.3.9

What’s new

  • Fixed a bug that caused passive check results to not generate notifications in a peered system, where the peer that received the passive check result was not responsible for the check.
  • Added beta support for accessing license information and uploading new licenses through the OP5 Monitor HTTP API. The license API endpoint is available at https://<your-monitor-server>/api/help/beta/license/data Feedback on this is very welcome.

OP5 Monitor now has official support for EL7 for clean installations. We don't have a verified upgrade path at this moment, but anyone starting out fresh is very welcome to use OP5 Monitor on Red Hat / CentOS 7.

How to upgrade

Click the update notification in the OP5 Monitor web interface, use yum update on the command line or download the latest tarball for offline installation.


If you have any questions surrounding this micro release, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us.

Try OP5 Monitor Enterprise+

Download full 30 day trial version, including all features, API and OP5 App support

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