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  • Sync contact groups with LDAP
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The LDAP Helper module can be used in organizations desiring to utilize LDAP groups to populate contact groups in OP5 Monitor.

Version & Support

This article was written for version 7.3.5 of Monitor, it could work on both lower and higher version if nothing else is stated.

Articles in the Community-Space are not supported by op5 Support.


Setup steps for the LDAP helper module:

Only install on the master, not master-peers. With the exception of needing to have LDAP sync on master-peers in the event of a fail over scenario (rare).

  1. Download the ldap helper module archive (tar.gz).
  2. Extract the folder to /opt on the OP5 server.


Configure the LDAP helper module :

  1. Modify: /opt/op5-ldap-helper/op5-ldap-helper.conf.yml
    1. Verify lines 2 & 3 match the name of the auth connector driver. (i.e. LDAP)

      NOTE: The sync action utilizes the existing LDAP Auth Module configuration.

    2. Modify lines 26 & 27 if you would like to filter for specific groups.
      1. custom_group_filter - For adding (cn=*GROUP_NAME*) include the asterisks but change GROUP_NAME of the group would "enable" OP5 to scan this specific group. 

    3. Modify lines 46 & 47 with the user for API access to OP5 Monitor.
      1. op5api - In order for the script to work with OP5 a user "apiuser" was created in OP5. The credentials are stored in this file.
  2. Setup a contact group prefaced with "LDAP_" for example "LDAP_testgroup".

Using the module

Running the script to sync groups :

  1. Once the group is configured within the config file run go to /opt/op5-ldap-helper/ and run the following: ./
  2. To see available help use: ./ -h
  3. To perform a dry run (no save), and get detailed output use: ./ -d -C -n
  4. To perform a run with sync, simply run: ./
  5. Consider creating a cron job to periodically sync groups.

1 Comment

  1. Any "\" in the AD object's field being synced will create a perl regex escape and cause the JSON being submitted to OP5 to be invalid.