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  • Installing Bischeck
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This guide will help you install Bishcheck for op5 Monitor.

To be able to use bischeck and the benifits of dynamic thresholds bischeck must first be installed and NSCA needs to be configured.
This guide requires basic linux skills.

This is an unsupported plugin. More information about the bischeck plugin can be found at the bischeck github page or at the

Install bischeck on op5 Monitor

  1. Install the bischeck package:

    yum install bischeck
  2. Make sure you have your hostname added to /etc/hosts. Bischeckd will not start without this.
  3. Set permissions and ownership on the bischeck folder:

    chmod 744 -R /opt/monitor/op5/bischeck ; chown monitor:root -R /opt/monitor/op5/bischeck
  4. Start up bischeckd with:

    service bischeckd start

Configure NSCA

For bischeck to work you need to make a couple of configuration changes.

  1. Open /etc/nsca.cfg and change:



    There are only 3 supported methods with bischeck, 0,1 and 3. 0 = no encryption, 1 = XOR and 3 = 3DES. If using decryption_method=3 causes performance issues lower the decryption method to 0 or 1. 

  2. Either change the password parameter in the same file to something else or copy the on already set.

  3. Restart nsca

    service nsca restart
  4. Open up the file /opt/monitor/op5/bischeck/etc/servers.xml and edit the following two properties, here we assume that you are using encryption method 3 and has not changed the default password:

  5. Restart bischeckd

    service bischeckd restart

More reading regarding configuring Bischeck can be found here: Getting started with Bischeck