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  • How to migrate from Monitor 5.8.x to 7.x on op5 APS
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1) Upgrade the old system to 5.8.4

2) Install the new machine with 64-bit APS 6.0.0 iso

3) Import CentOS-key on the new machine

rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-CentOS-6

4) Change erroneous path in op5-system-addons.repo:

sed -i 's/6/5/g' /etc/yum.repos.d/op5-system-addons.repo

5) Install Monitor 5.8.0 using this tarball

tar -zxf op5-monitor-5.8.0-op5.1-20130410.centos.tar.gz
cd op5-monitor-5.8.0

6) Install license file on the new machine

7) Upgrade new machine to 5.8.4:

yum --disablerepo=op5-system-{base,updates} update

8) Configure NTP, DNS etc and prepare for IP-change

9) Perform a migration backup, excluding system configuration on the old machine

op5-backup -m charch -- -sysconfig

10) Copy the migration backup file to the new machine

11) Shut down the old machine, and apply its IP setting on the new machine

12) Restore the migration backup

op5-restore -b /path/to/backup_file.backup

13) Make sure things look OK after restore

14) Upgrade new machine to 6.3.3 using this tarball

tar -zxf op5-monitor-6.3.3-20140912.tar.gz
cd op5-monitor-6.3.3

15) Verify again that everything looks OK.

16) Upgrade the new machine to latest 7.x through yum

yum install op5-release-up-6-to-7
yum --enablerepo='*up-6-to-7*' update