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This article was written for version 7.3.14 of OP5 Monitor, it could work on both lower and higher version if nothing else is stated.

Articles in the Community-Space are not supported by op5 Support.

What is OP5 Labs?

OP5 Labs is a yum repository where we can give you as a customer early access to experimental packages that we want early feedback on.
Since the yum repository is disabled by default, you need to add `--enablerepo` flag every time you want to use it.

How do I get it?

First you need to install the OP5 Labs repository

yum install -y op5-release-labs

Then you can search for packages in OP5 Labs

yum --enablerepo='op5-monitor-labs-updates' search <package-name/keyword>

And install packages from OP5 Labs

yum --enablerepo='op5-monitor-labs-updates' install <package-name>

Or upgrade packages installed from OP5 Labs

yum --enablerepo='op5-monitor-labs-updates' upgrade <package-name>

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