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This article describes how to install your OP5 license file onto your OP5 Monitor server.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Have OP5 provide your valid OP5 license file to you. Please contact us if you cannot find it.
  2. Copy your license to your OP5 monitor server using an SCP client, such as 'winscp' on Windows. The instructions from a MacOS command line would look a lot like this:
    copy the license file to the OP5 Monitor server
    scp ~/Downloads/license-f00b4r.lic op5@op5mon.svr:/tmp
  3. As root user on your OP5 monitor server, copy the license to /etc/op5license and name it 'op5license.lic':
    copy the license to its proper home
    cp path_to_your_license /etc/op5license/op5license.lic
  4. Set ownership and permissions:
    set ownership and permissions
    chmod 640 /etc/op5license/op5license.lic
    chown apache:apache /etc/op5license/op5license.lic
  5. Verify that the license will pass the "License - Days left" check:
    run the service check as the monitor user
    asmonitor /opt/plugins/check_op5_license -T d -w 30 -c 15