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  • Manual migration of historical data
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I have written that when i migrated a Monitor 5 system on a 32bit APS to Monitor 6 (64 bit APS). The challenge here: we built up a second Monitor system with the new version 6 with a new IP, the migration took several weeks as we had a lot of plugins to fix, problems with reporting, firewall rules, access lists etc.

After the new system was running as it should, we needed to re-migrate the historical data from the Monitor 5 system to the new one, overriding the version 6's historical data. I have extracted the needed parts of op5-backup and op5-restore to achieve this task:

On old system:


...generates a file called historical_data_<datetime>.tar.gz under /root

Copy historical_data backup file over to new machine via scp or whatever

The script does the following:

Create a workdir, dump merlin database into workdir, export all rrd files to the workdir, tar workdir into a tgz, delete workdir.



On the new system:

The script does the following:

create workdir, extract historical_data file into workdir, convert XML files to RRD files in /opt/monitor/op5/pnp/perfdata, import merlin database and upgrade its structure, delete workdir.

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