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  • Use the dollar sign ($) in check_command_args
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I want to use "$" as input to a check_command in check_command_args, how can I do this?


This can be done by encapsulating the argument containing "$" in double quotes:  "", and escape the sign $ with another one so the input is not interpreted as a variable.


See the example below with the plugin "check_oracle":

check_commandUSER1$/check_oracle -l "$ARG1$" -u "$ARG2$" -p "$ARG3$" -o QUERY -a "$ARG4$" -w $ARG5$ -c $ARG6$
check_command_argsoracle-01!user!password!select 1 from v\$$database where 'value123' = 'value123'!2!3
_USER1_/check_oracle -l "oracle-01" -u "user" -p "password" -o QUERY -a "select 1 from v\$database where 'value123' = 'value123'" -w 2 -c 3
Result code: OK
OK - Query returned:  1|result=1;2;3