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This document describes how to get logged in to OP5 Monitor. There isn't anything necessarily tricky about getting logged in, but it is an important step to getting people acclimated to OP5 Monitor.

Table of Content

Getting Logged In

Like many applications, the first step is to get logged in. An account should already have been created by an OP5 Monitor administrator, and the account credentials should be readily available.

  1. Start a web browser.
  2. Enter the URL for the OP5 Monitor installation.
  3. On a fully stock installation of OP5 Monitor, the Welcome page below should be displayed. OP5 Monitor can be customized, so different installations could display different Welcome pages.

  4. Click on the Log in link to open the login page.
  5. Once the login page has loaded, fill in the Username and Password fields with the provided credentials.

  6. Next, click on the Login method drop down menu to select the correct authentication method. OP5 Monitor can support multiple authentication mechanisms, and the correct mechanism needs to be selected for account credential verification to succeed.
  7. Finally, click the Login button to submit the credentials for authentication.
  8. If authentication was successful, the Dashboard for the account will be displayed, and if authentication was unsuccessful, a red banner stating the login failed will appear above the username, password, and login method fields.
    • Account Dashboard after successful credential authentication.

    • Login page after unsuccessful credential authentication.

  9. Once authentication succeeds, the account preferences can be adjusted, if needed, and OP5 Monitor can be put to work.

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