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The business services view is designed to combine your IT monitoring and your business service management (BSM) to give an overview of the applications and/or services that your organisation is providing either to customers or internally.

Table of Content

Viewing Business Services

To access the Business Services view click on Business Services in the main menu.
The Business Services view gives an easy overview of how your Business Processes are working.

For better viewing the following screenshot has been divided in to two pieces.




Business Object
List all the Business service objects. An object can be one of the following items

    • Group
    • Service
    • Host.
    • Random value
    • Constant value


Shows which rule is applied to the group.
For more information about the different rules see Rules types on page 156 in op5 Administrator manual.


A list of action buttons.
Click the icons to

    • Look up service/host in op5 monitor
    • Go to the configuration for the host or service
    • Add sub element, only available on groups
    • Edit object
    • Remove object
    • Clone object, only available on groups


Last check.
This will show when the object was last checked.
The time on a group is the time for when the last sub element was checked.


Displays how long the group or service has been in it's current state.


Status Information
Displays in what state the current group is in. For hosts and services the output from the op5 monitor check is displayed.