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Articles in the community space are not supported by OP5 Support.

Welcome Friend!

On this site you can find information on OP5's open source projects. You can find more information about and follow the development on the individual project pages. The source code can be found on our Github account. Because of our business area, most of the code on this site will, one way or another, be related to server and network monitoring, including OP5 Monitor, Naemon and Nagios. We invite you to test, use and contribute to the projects published here!

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Other resources

The main forum for discussion regarding all OP5's community projects is located at our op5-users mailing list.
You can subscribe and modify your settings and access historical archive from these lists.


Why this site?

              • We want to give something back to the community.

We have built a successful business around several open source components, such as NaemonRRDTool, syslog-ng, NSClient++Linux and several hundred GNU programs and libraries.
A big thanks to all the thousands of programmers for their efforts.
Now that we have addons around and on top of those projects, we feel it is only proper that we donate them back to the people whose very shoulders we stand on.

  • Leverage the power of the open source community

Many years ago we realized that a customer is worth more than just the money he or she spends. Most of the ideas and features we have implemented in our products originate somewhere inside our think tank of everyday opensource users with ideas.

By exposing our products to a larger crowd than our customer stock holds, we hope to get fresh ideas, willing beta-testers and, with some luck, even a patch or two.
After all, the more we lean on each other, the stronger all of us become.


Sweet! How can I contribute?

By using our software in your environment and sending us feature requests and bug-reports. If you are a programmer you can also help by sending patches.

In order to contribute code to our projects, there are some things you can do to make it easier for us to accept your patches into the published repositories:

Coding guidelines and patch submission documents courtesy of the git project, although modified to avoid confusion.


You are free to use source code and programs found on this site without further restrictions than those implied by the software license specified for the source code or programs you choose to use. However, OP5 accepts no responsibility what so ever for damage or breakages caused by or related to the source code or programs.

OP5 Monitor: Open Source Network Monitoring

OP5 is the preferred Open Source Networking & Server Monitoring tool for large multi-national companies in over 60 markets. If you would like to experience OP5 Monitor you can get started here, alternatively, if you prefer to get more hands on you can Download OP5 Monitor for free. 


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